Turn Your Photo Hobby into Income

You’re Invited To Join Our Photography ‘Kickstart Party’

Our Team Of Experts Will Help You Successfully Start Earning And Enjoying The Paid Photographer’s Life

Learning something new can be a real blast…

And the way we’ve set up this photography party, it will be!

You’ll have fun AND get to see how photos you take can be a source of extra income and enjoyable perks.

For five days running, for just one hour a day, you’ll join me plus a global group of expert travel, stock, fine art, real estate and social media photographers.

These are real people who are actively using photography right now – yes, even in today’s crazy world – to supplement their retirements, help pay for their travels, add fun money to their budgets, and even earn a complete living with their cameras.

Together, we will personally walk you through the steps to start getting paid for your photos.

All of these photographers – plus more – will be at the party, spilling their best secrets and shortcuts.

I’ll introduce you properly to the full crew in just a moment…

But first, I want to explain why we’re hosting this unusual online event now…

There’s Simply No Better Time than Right Now To Start Your Photography Adventures…

I’m Declan Aylward, Editorial Director at Great Escape Publishing.

And as you know, 2020 changed everything.

Well, almost everything…

Except the demand for good pictures!

In fact, when Shutterstock, one of the more popular online photo sales platforms, reported their 2020 numbers, everything was up, up, up…

That’s incredible demand… and Shutterstock is just ONE of the many, many online markets where you could potentially sell your photos.

There’s offline markets, too – some as close as your own neighborhood. Just think of realtors, for example…

Housing markets around the world took off last year -- Mansion Global says 2021 may turn out to be the best housing market in 15 years.

And yet, in-person showings absolutely stopped. Instead, everyone went house shopping online and having dozens of good photos was positively essential.

It was the same story with vacation rentals. Those able to travel wanted to see more and more photographs of the place…

And of the local beach… local shops… restaurants…

Millions of venues that had gotten by with practically nothing for an online “footprint” suddenly needed a robust online presence to reassure customers they were safe, open, and hoping for business.

And they found that everything – from the articles they shared to their social media posts – got better when they added pictures.

I could go on, but I think you get the point.

In a year where almost everything went wrong… photography went right.

It’s still right.

Almost everywhere you look, there’s a market for photographs.

And as things continue to open up, that market will only grow larger…

There’s a lot of pent-up demand out there.

So whether you’ve an interest in photos of exotic vistas and luxurious international hotels… or you’d prefer to take “homegrown” photographs of local produce, local shops, and local sights... there’s an opportunity here for you.

Even if you’ve only taken snapshots of family and friends so far…

I’d like to reassure you.

This can be for you.

You can start… right now… and find opportunities to turn your photos into cash.

It’s going to be simple. Fun.

And you won’t be doing anything on your own.

I’m here… along with a full team of experts… to make sure you get up and running.

We’ve Bundled Up All The Resources You Need To Start…

Our “party pack” begins with full access to one of our very best photography resources…

The Photographer’s Starter Kit.

It’s designed to guide you from zero — knowing nothing about cameras or photography — to being able to take pictures with confidence and put them up for sale.

Step-by-step, it coaches you through setting up your very first snapshots, doing your first photo edits, choosing the best markets for your photos, and making your first sales.

Everything has been distilled into bite-sized instructions that are super easy to follow. And you’ll get a real sense of progress with each and every step you complete.

And, since it allows you to start from home with as little as a smartphone camera, it’s incredibly popular.

The starter kit helps you open your eyes to the possibilities life as a photographer offers (even if you’re only doing it part-time or as an income-earning hobby).

But it’s one thing to have your eyes opened to what’s possible…

And another thing to actually get started doing it.

That next piece of the puzzle — helping you go from reading and dreaming to really doing it — is what’s going to happen at the party we’ve got planned…

You’re Invited To Our Special “Kickstart Party” Where Our Experts Will Show You The Way…

The biggest challenge you’ll face when it comes to earning cash for your photos is simply getting started.

Getting started!

That’s all – and that’s what our 5-Day Kickstart Party is all about.

When you join the party now, we’ll give you instant access to your starting party pack – The Photographer’s Starter Kit (with several juicy bonuses I’ll tell you about in a minute).

Then, the real party begins.

Each day, our experts come together for an hour of interesting, activity and discussion.

Think of it as a true “power hour” on your way to turning your photos into cash.

It makes it fun – and easy – to gain confidence and finally get your start.

These sessions are just like having your very own coach (and cheerleading squad) at your side for an hour each day to push you along, give you encouragement, and celebrate every small step forward.

We ran this party live for the first time a few weeks ago, and just look at some of the comments attendees sent us about their experience.

The live attendees were so happy, that we didn't want you to miss out just because you missed the live event.

That's why we put together this special version for you to attend.

It's got all the same great information, saved so that you can get the benefit of attending now, as if you were there live.

By the end of the party, you’ll have officially started your photographer’s life… and have a whole network of mentors, supporters, and cheerleaders to keep you going strong.

We’ve never done anything like it before… and I’m certain you’ve never experienced anything like this before.

But we’ve lined up the perfect crew to make it amazing, right from the very first day…

Meet Your New Mentors And Coaches …

Daniel Nahabedian serves as the primary host for the 5-Day Kickstart Party.

Daniel Nahabedian

Today, Daniel is the mentor for The Snap & Sell Photo Club and a full-time travel photographer and instructor.

He’s the perfect person to show you how to launch a photo business the fast and easy way…

Not because he started as an expert, but because when he bought his first camera in 2008, he knew nothing about photography or how to turn his photos into cash.

Within a year – a year of hard trial-and-error – Daniel had transformed himself into a full-time photographer.

Now, he lives in southern Spain and his work appears in fancy glossy magazines, on websites like National Geographic, and hangs on the walls of thousands of homes around the world.

What he learned making his dream a reality he can share with you so that you can make your photography dreams come true – much, much faster.

And Daniel won’t be alone with you at this party, either.

He’ll be joined by…

Sarah Ehlen

Sarah Ehlen will help you feel confident that you can take beautiful photos of anything, anywhere (or at least edit the shot to make it look like you did!) Based out of Montana, Sarah loves photographing wild spaces and is an absolute queen at making photo editing easy. She also serves the assistant photo mentor for The Snap & Sell Photo Club, helping new photographers grow their skills and their incomes.

Shelly Perry

Shelly Perry is a true pro at helping your images get noticed on stock sites, so that you can earn a big income from a small photo portfolio. Based out of Portland, Oregon, she specializes in portraits, documentary shots, and stock photography. Her images have been seen all over the globe on music CD covers, books, magazines, catalogs, websites, ad campaigns, and even on billboards.

Bel Woodhouse

To turn your phone into a serious source of side income, just listen to Bel! Her informal style and infectious laugh will put you at ease – and then her skill at selling “street snaps” and quick smartphone shots will have you in awe. She may have retired, but she didn’t slow down, and hanging out with Bel will have you fired up to charge up your own phone and get earning fast.

Theresa St. John

You’ll want to listen closely as Theresa shares her top tips for steady income on stock sites and landing lucrative photo + article projects with magazines and websites. In 2013, worn down by her retail job in upstate New York, she feared she’d never have the time or money to travel (or even relax). But, by taking a chance on travel writing and photography, Theresa unlocked a whole new life. Now she’s can’t wait to show you how to do the same thing!  

Cheryl Bigman

Candid, unposed shots that tell a story are Cheryl Bigman’s superpower. She’ll show you how to turn photos from daily life, parties, and special events into an ongoing client-based business or simply shots you can sell. Based out of San Francisco, Cheryl brings over 16 years of photography experience to our party.

Kristi Dosh

Kristi Dosh will tell you what, where, and how to use popular social platforms to get attention for your photos and then turn that attention into paid assignments and VIP perks. As a “recovering attorney” who used social media to transform her life, Kristi has worked with ESPN, Forbes, and PopSugar and landed “on the house” opportunities around the world. Her social media skills have earned her everything from free drinks and meals to fully paid ski vacations in Colorado, and at our party, she’ll be revealing her number one secret for social media success.

You Can’t Fail With A Team This Knowledgeable, Supportive, And Straight-Up Fun On Your Side

Bringing a group like this together hasn’t been easy – but for you, I’m happy to do it.

I know that if you want to make progress FAST, you need to be surrounded by people who can cheerfully and clearly share what they know.

That’s why each member of this crew – on top of their technical skills and media chops -- are excellent and experienced teachers, too.

In fact, it’s not unusual for members of this squad to earn upwards of $250+ per person per day for workshops and individualized coaching.

And that’s when they’re even available for workshops and coaching – often, they aren’t!

You’re getting something truly rare and unusual here…

Having this team together as a group is worth, quite literally, thousands (though, as I’ll explain later, your personal party pass will be exceptionally affordable).


You don’t get this amazing group together with you for ONE day, or ONE workshop.

You get access to them for FIVE STRAIGHT DAYS.

Each afternoon, you’ll come together for an hour of insights and inspiration, where you’ll hear expert tips straight from the pros.

It adds up to a week full of fun and learning, with these experts coaching you throughout to help you unlock skills and talents you’ll be able to use immediately.

Plus, each day will bring you closer… step by step… to truly starting your photographer’s life and selling your first photo for cash.

So start planning the first treat you’ll buy for yourself with your new photo income... because “treat time” is right around the corner.

Here’s Your Day-By-Day Success Party Plan…

Day 1:
Why Do You Want to Be a Photographer?

Declan Aylward
Daniel Nahabedian
Sarah Ehlan

In our very first day together, Daniel and Sarah will be joining me so that we can help you zero in on one of the most important “anchors” of the photographer’s life:  Why?

Why do you want to be a photographer?

You don’t have to have a set answer, and you can be interested in this for more than one reason. That’s okay. Everyone comes to this for their own reasons. Understanding what YOU want will help you make it real faster.

Maybe it’s cash. Maybe it’s perks, or a bit of prestige and localized fame. Maybe you need a creative outlet. Or, maybe this is “bucket list” time and photography can be your reason to get back out and travel the world.

A photographer’s life can give you all of that – plus more. Daniel and Sarah will be sharing stories of what a photographer’s life is really like, too, so that you can add detail to your dreams.

By the time you leave this first session, you’ll be centered on your own vision and ready to start making it a reality.

Day 2:
Discover The Photo Resources You Need To Focus On – and the Popular Ones To Ignore

Daniel Nahabedian
Shelly Perry
Sarah Ehlan

On Day 2, Shelly will join Daniel and Sarah for the ultimate myth buster session...

Here’s a sneak peek of what they’ll be sharing with you:

Plus much, much more – this is a perfect session for lots of questions, lively debate, and getting a clear answer about just what a “starter” photographer needs to succeed.

Day 3:
How To Identify The Most Profitable Photo Niche For You

Daniel Nahabedian
Bel Woodhouse
Cheryl Bigman
Theresa St. John

For Day 3, we’ll gather almost the full crew to showcase the different paths you can take as a photographer.

Each path offers the potential for income, and each lets you exercise different skills and creative instincts. On this party day, Daniel will play referee as you dive deeper into:

By the end of this party hour, I expect your brain to be full of possibilities – and you needn’t choose just one!

When you see how each path flows and interacts with the others, you can accelerate your success by starting with the path that suits your needs (and your “why”) the best.

Day 4:
Social Media for Photographers

Sarah Ehlan
Kristi Dosh
Theresa St. John

On Day 4, Kristi, Theresa, and Sarah will lead a lively chat about how you can make the most of your social media presence.

There’s a lot to consider here… and the team will help keep it fun and manageable for you. They’ll guide you through:

By the end of this session – even if you’re not a big social media sharer – you’ll understand how to use social media to create fast, powerful advantages for you in your photographer’s life.

Day 5:
Graduation Day!
Turning Simple Snapshots Into Real Cash

Declan Aylward
Daniel Nahabedian
Sarah Ehlan

On our last day partying together, I’ll be opening up the lines with Daniel and Sarah to cover one of the most key parts of making this all real for you… selling your photos!

Though some beginners are nervous about this, to me, this is where the photographer’s life gets truly fun.

You can turn simple snapshots into real cash… and quite quickly, too.

Daniel, Sarah, and I will talk you through where to sell your photos and what to charge for your work. We’ll cover the trending markets right now, which types of photos are doing best, and much, much more.

The goal is to let you see how as soon as you start, you could be earning cash with your camera or smartphone.

And by the end of this last session… you’ll be ready to get started and get earning.

It Can All Begin Now…

When you say “Yes!” to our party invitation today, you don’t have to wait for the party to start to get going…

You’ll get immediate access to The Photographer’s Starter Kit.

And then…

By the end of the party, you’ll have the tools to officially start your photographer’s life… with a whole network of mentors, cheerleaders, and supporters to keep you going strong.

Can you imagine? In just one week… five days… you could go from zero to started and ready to earn.

I’ve even lined up a few special gifts for you, too, that are yours as soon as you let me know you’re coming to the party.

Bonus Gift #1

The Photographer’s Glossary

As in any industry, there’s a certain amount of jargon associated with photography. (Not as much as there would be in, say, a tech field—but there are still terms you probably won’t be familiar with.)

So to get you up-and-running fast, we created this useful glossary of terms you should know.  

This way, if an editor asks you for something and you’re not quite sure what she means—you can look it up!

If you see something referenced on a stock photography site and you’re not sure what it is—you can look it up.

This Photographer’s Glossary, valued at $29, is yours—FREE—when you join the party.

Bonus Gift #2

139 Photos You Can Sell

You can photograph just about anything… but what will really earn you cash?

To get your brain going, we’ve put together this guide to 139 types of photos that consistently sell. Some you might easily imagine on your own – like sunset photos, beach photos, and yummy café spreads – but others, like public transport and signage, might surprise you.

Have a look… and then bring more inspiration with you to the online sessions for a truly interactive conversation about what’s being bought up these days, including all the most up-to-the-minute trends.

I’ll get you started with this inspiration guide, valued at $49, for FREE, when you let me know you’ll be at our Kickstart Party.

Bonus Gift #3

17 Places Where You Can Quickly and Easily Sell Your Photographs

Photo opportunities exist everywhere. On the roadside… at work… while talking with friends…in your backyard…and even during a simple walk in the park. And these photo opportunities could easily be making you money…

But what you might not already know is that there are literally hundreds of markets where you can sell your photos.

We’ll cover many of the top markets of 2021 during our online sessions, but this reference guide to photo markets, valued at $99, will ensure that connect with paying markets fast.

And, as you might expect, 17 Places Where You Can Quickly and Easily Sell Your Photos includes some fun and interesting markets you may not have considered before. I’m happy to give it to you – FREE – when you join our party.

There’s Even More Waiting For You On The Inside…

On top of the three bonuses I just mentioned, The Photographer’s Starter Kit you get when you come to our party is also packed with 10 additional bonuses, including:

All in all, the full suite of bonuses that are about to be yours is $827

It’s Time To Claim Your Party Pass – And The Photographer’s Starter Kit With All Your Bonuses – Right Now

I told you at the start that we’ve never done anything like this before…

That’s why this invitation, right now, is something truly special for you.

This is your chance to learn how to get well and truly started as a paid photographer…

To find out, once and for all, if this is something for you.

If you actually CAN turn simple snapshots – even ones you take on your smartphone – into cash.

And the price of finding out?


This is a bit embarrassing, really.

You see, I wanted this party to be an absolutely exceptional experience for you – truly top-notch and unforgettable.

So I’ve spared no expense my end.

Kristi Dosh, for example? She runs her own one-day events for $250 per person… and I booked her for FIVE STRAIGHT DAYS.

Shelly Perry and Daniel Nahabedian? Usually you can only get single sessions from them as a part of Great Escape Publishing’s specialty workshop events, which can cost as much as $897 per person for two days.

And I booked them for FIVE STRAIGHT DAYS.

Bel Woodhouse can spend a few seconds with her smartphone and turn a photo into $800… and I booked her for FIVE STRAIGHT DAYS.

Add up the fees and it’s a small fortune just for the team – to say nothing of the full value of The Photographer’s Starter Kit and your bonus gifts.

But what about you?

What will your ticket to this party actually cost?

I’m pleased to reveal that your ticket is…


That’s right… just $49.

So for less that $10 per day, you can join in the fun and learn how to turn your own photos into cash.

Plus, a single idea or piece of guidance from this party could easily show you how to take a photo that could earn you back the cost of your ticket two, three, or even 10 times over.

And as you continue to take photos, your income potential only grows.

So whether you’d like extra income now and then from smartphone snapshots like Bel earns… ongoing “side income” from stock photography like Theresa and Shelley… or even a full-time income from photography like Daniel and Sarah…

The time to get started is now.

If you’ve ever been curious about earning with photography… even a little… you owe yourself this opportunity.

It’s going to be worth it… unbelievably so.

But I won’t just say that… I’ll guarantee it. Two three over…

My Triple Guarantee To You

I’ve built this party to be an absolutely best-in-class experience for you, and I stand by the quality of what I’ve promised you:

Guarantee # 1—I guarantee that this 5-Day Kickstart Party will give you what you need to get well & truly started as a paid photographer.

Guarantee # 2—I guarantee that this party crew will show you how to make the paid photographer’s life real – even if you’re starting from scratch with nothing more than a smartphone.

Guarantee # 3—You have 30 days to examine everything you'll receive as part of this very special offer...and to decide if the paid photographer's life is right for you. If it's not, then no worries. Just let us know within 30 days and you'll get a full refund. No questions asked.

Let’s Make This Real
– Together –
In Just 5 Days

If you’ve ever dreamed of getting paid to take photos…

You owe yourself this chance.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity… and it will be fun!

To party as you take yourself from where you are now to being well and truly started in the photographer’s life.

In just 5 days…

For a small sum that you could easily earn back by selling just one photo down the line (and we’ll be showing you where – and how – to make those sales).


The Photographer’s Starter Kit and all the bonus gifts are yours to keep and use long after the initial party is over.

This is an incredible opportunity.

If I were you… I’d get in now.

The moment you sign up, you’ll get a link that lets you access ALL the resources in your party pack.

You CAN do this… and in as little as 5 days together, you will.


Declan Aylward
May 2021

P.S. This Kickstart Party is truly special. Even if we do something like this again, it will never have the same energy and excitement about it (and to be quite honest, I’ll likely need to raise the price!)

Take this chance and see for yourself what life could be like when you know how to turn photos into cash…