NEW Power Hour: How to make your first
$10,000 taking simple photos…



How to make your first
$10,000 taking simple pictures

It’s not always the prettiest pictures that sell. It’s those that fill a need that sell best. In this one-hour Power Hour, you’ll pick up three undeniable truths behind photos that sell… that make it possible for anyone—no matter your age or experience with a camera—to sell simple photos.

Whether you want a part-time income, full-time career switch, or you simply want a way to travel more in the future and pursue a lifetime of fun—this is how it’s done.

What is it That You Actually Want?

Whatever your motivation, don’t let another year slip by without any results. Get a tried-and-true plan that gets you getting paid to take photos, and accomplishing the things you want to accomplish.

Myth: Great Photographers are Born with Talent.

Truth: Great Photography is Simply a Choice... and Anyone Can Learn How!

Being good at photography isn’t a gift you’re born with—you’ll hear us say this again and again. It’s a decision you make when one day you say: “This is what I’m going to do today. I’m going to take these classes… I’m going to learn my camera… and then I’m going to do exactly what others are doing to earn an income for it.”

Oh, and by the way... you’re not alone! There’s an entire community of us out here making money from exactly this plan. You can, too.

Our brand new $10K Power Hour for Photography gives you a practical, easy-to-follow plan for making your first $10,000 with photography... no matter how much, or little, experience you have. .

In one power-packed hour, you’ll learn:

Your full Power Hour on how it’s done—to bring in your first $10,000is here

Meet your instructor: Bonnie Caton

Today I’m a professional photographer (if you must put a title on this “job” where, every day, I’m just having fun, doing what I love). But, I’ve never been one of those photographers who was born with a camera in their hand..

I never even had an interest in photography until after college.

Yet today people pay me to take pictures like these.

This photo on the left is a picture I took of myself to sell in an online stock agency.

It looks like I’m laughing at something or someone off to the side, but I was actually just laughing at nothing. No one’s there.

And that’s the funny thing about stock—you can pretty much take pictures of whatever you want and the income comes from royalties if you follow a plan.

So that’s what I do now—I play with my camera, follow trends, and have fun taking pictures that make me an income.

Did I have any skills when I started? No. But once I figured out that it isn’t always the prettiest pictures that sell… and that selling photos and taking photos are two different skills, a brand new world of fun and part-time income opened up for me that’s incredibly rewarding.

And now, here I am... earning a nice side income from my camera, and sharing with you a behind-the-scenes look at how it all works… and how the money adds up to something you can pursue part-time or full.

So if you’re stuck in a job you hate… if you’re looking for a way to travel with more purpose... supplement your income... work from home… or if you’re simply looking for a hobby that tops off your travel funds in the future… you’re in the right place.

Your full Power Hour on how to make your first $10,000 selling simple photos is here

“When I heard you were creating this, I thought: This is exactly what I need. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with all the information that’s online and in your newsletter and I just want someone to tell me what to do. Sounds like you heard my cry.” — BB

“Thanks for the sneak peek, Bonnie. As a Premier Pass Member I get free access to everything you publish and I have to say, this is a lot of information for just $29. You should do this for all the Great Escape Courses. It’s a wonderful insight into the world of photography and I love the goal sheets.” — CC

“Hi Bonnie, how great to hear from you. I LOVE this. Very well timed for the start of the year. I love the part on goal setting. I love the in-depth look at how the $10K adds up. I’m inspired. Thank you. Looks like I’ll be dusting my camera off now. You made it so easy to follow.” — DD

“Thanks to Great Escape I’ve been selling my images for five years now. Your programs never disappoint. This one by Bonnie gets five stars from me. There are ideas in here I haven’t even tried yet. I guess I never broke my income down like this so it was super helpful to see how she did it and now I’m going to try and do the same—and make 2018 the best year ever.” — EE

One hour of your time is all it takes to get started toward your first $10,000… all while doing something incredibly rewarding and fun. I’ve never looked back, and I know you won’t either.

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Do something, get something. Do nothing, get nothing.

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